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The proposed King-king Copper-Gold Project in the resource-rich Compostela Valley of the southern Philippines aims to address two important needs:
  • to supply Asia's economies with gold and copper, two critical metals our contemporary world simply can't run without, and
  • to provide well-paying jobs today to support a sustainable future for the people of Pantukan municipality and the entire Gulf of Davao region

Constructing a safe and modern mine with responsible environmental protection will help build long-term prosperity and economic diversity in an area known mostly for banana and coconut plantations and small-scale or artisanal mining. The Project in the King-king area in the mountains above the town of Pantukan on the Gulf of Davao will develop a gold-rich porphyry copper deposit. The project area has been extensively drilled and sampled since it was discovered in 1980. It is among the largest gold-copper deposits in the Philippines.

Working closely in consultation with local officials and representatives of the community and indigenous peoples, King-king Copper-Gold is conducting the necessary environmental studies to secure government approvals to develop the project. As part of these efforts, we have become and are committed to remain an integral part of the community by employing the local community, providing medical outreach services, starting reforestation efforts, and offering other needed services.

We’re proud to be a part of building Pantukan’s future.