The central theme of the King-king Copper-Gold Project is sustainable development. While we’re in the business of providing minerals and metals to meet the world’s needs today, we’re mindful of how we interact with people and the environment so communities can continue to meet their needs tomorrow.

The King-king Copper-Gold Project can only be successful by working with local officials and members of the public to build the community for the long term. Doing so not only makes the Pantukan area a better place to live and work, it also provides lasting benefits for our employees, contractors and stakeholders. In other words, sustainable development is good for business and good for the community.

Key components of our sustainable development approach include the following:
  • Environmental responsibility. We are committed to the highest standards of environmental management and stewardship. We actively work to prevent risks and we are creating a monitoring program to review and assess our environmental performance. We are actively engaged in documenting the mine site’s environmental conditions, and we plan to implement efforts to remediate areas of environmental degradation. See our Environment page for more information.
  • Social well-being. In addition to our robust community outreach efforts (see In the Community page), our health and safety programs help ensure that we have an injury-free workplace. We are responsible for making sure that our employees have the skills and equipment needed to perform their work safely, and we encourage our staff to use their knowledge to build a safer community outside of work. We also know that building trust with our host communities is vital, and we aim to be as transparent as possible in all communications and interactions.
  • Economic prosperity. If approved, the King-king Copper-Gold Project will be the largest economic contributor in Pantukan and the surrounding region. Already, the Project employs approximately 180 staff in offices in Pantukan and Davao City, as well as a number of environmental and other consultants. Several thousand employees will be required to construct and operate the mine and related facilities. As the Project progresses, we will conduct an impact study to quantify current and projected benefits to the local, regional and national economies.